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The area of Bandung regency provides magnificent panorama. Many torism spots stretch from Mount Tangkubanparahu on the North to Lake Patenggang on the South, from the giant Saguling Dam on the West to Cinulang Waterfall on the East. In addition, they are now adequately facilitated with transportation facilities.


For those who want to relax, just don’t bother yourselves bringing food from home, since there are various kinds of restaurants and food stalls providing sorts of dishes and drinks along the way. Despite its beautiful panorama, Bandung Regency is also

enriched with many kinds of arts. Both traditional and modern arts can be found in sub district towns as well as in villages.

In villages there are still sundanese traditional arts, such as : wooden puppet (wayang golek), clasiccal sundanese dances, ketuk tilu, japong, self defence pencak silat, degung, sundanese folks songs, tarawangsa, ogel, buncis, beluk, reog and calung

The tourist activity in the regency of Bandung is divided into 4 (four) area:


1. North Bandung Tourist Area

    North Bandung Tourist Area, with central activity in Mountain of Tangkubanperahu Crater, The Garden of Juande Great Forest (Dago Pakar), Maribaya – Lembang, Pangenten Waterfall – Cisarua, and Cihideung Flower’s Garden – Parongpong.

    Lembang. This small sub district town is well-known of its beautiful panorama. When you are travelling from Bandung, you will be welcomed by Lembang Grand Hotel, which was built in 1940s, Putri Gunung Cottage, and has been used to support tourism departement for years. From lembang we can easily reach Cimahi, Waterfall, Maribaya waterfall, Omas Waterfall, Tangkubanparahu crater and Ciater hot spring.

Located 16 km North of Bandung city. It takes you about 40 minutes to get there by car. Along the ascending zigzag road, you will see hotels and bungalows. After you pass Bumi Siliwangi (Isola Building), you will see observatory on the right side of the road. At km 14, turning to the right you will find the well-known Bosscha Observatory, which lies on 1.300 m above see level area.



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